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A Note from Jeff

The entertainment industry is a tough nut to crack.  The good news is that people everywhere have great ideas, and anyone, anywhere, can sell a script if it’s well written.  All you need is the time, talent, discipline, confidence, passion, and skills to make it happen.  The bad news is that a big percentage of people with those great ideas refuse to learn the rules, insist the rules don’t apply to them, are paralyzed by procrastination, or just can’t seem to get out of their own way.  Not exactly a formula for success.

My promise: If you take my class, pay attention, follow my advice, apply my techniques, and stick to a common sense game plan, you can get it right the first time around.  





Jeff has been a working Writer/Producer in L.A. for over 30 years, and has been teaching his unique, intensive seminars in cities around the country since 2004. If you've ever dreamed of becoming a professional screenwriter, Jeff's easy to understand courses were created with you in mind. Imagine a fun, fast-paced weekend where writers receive a complete education in writing for TV and film, including lessons in story structure, character development, dialogue, and perhaps the most crucial skill for any writer—creating the indispensable, killer outline.  That is Maximum Screenwriting. Plus, Jeff's seminars also include his lecture on "How To Kill Procrastination," which instantly provides writers with the simple strategy needed to destroy writers block—permanently. 

Students who attend Jeff’s weekend courses will spend eight hours each day, both Saturday and Sunday, learning the nuts and bolts of screenwriting, plus the strictly enforced, zero tolerance standards enforced by film studios and networks, including practical, hands-on drills and dozens of insider secrets only veterans like Jeff can share.

Jeff Schimmel has created, developed, written and/or produced TV shows and feature films for Hollywood studios, networks, production companies, and A-list talent, including Oscar-winning stars.

Spend just two days with Jeff, and you'll learn what books can't teach you, and what other writers and producers won't tell you.



I'm a film school graduate, but Jeff's seminar is the most comprehensive resource I've ever attended - and is priceless.

/  Montserrat De Frutos CHICAGO  /



I attended Jeff's seminar. Not only did he refresh my memory on screenplay writing techniques I'd forgotten, but he taught me a lot of great things I'd never even heard of before!

/  Mark Viquesney Faculty, Screenwriting, Arizona State University  /


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Read this book if you are serious about screenwriting. Jeff tells it like it is in Hollywood. He's a 30-year entertainment veteran who's walked the talk. His unique experiences keep you engaged and you learn so much along the way. A masterful storyteller.

/  Testarossa33 Amazon Customer  /



Screenwriting Tips

A short video that addresses a few aspects of story-telling that are commonly ignored by new(er) screenwriters.



Words can't describe the value of Jeff's seminar.  From the incredible detail to fantastic stories to the non-stop encouragement that our dreams really are achievable, you will walk away with the knowledge and skills required to make it as a TV or film writer.

/  Laura OrsinI Phoenix  /